Inspired by people who live a busy and active lifestyle, the portable Hydrate2roll water bottles make it easy and convenient to maintain hydrated and have access to your own personalised foam roller wherever you go.

The Hydrate2roll water bottle is durable, portable, efficient and the perfect tool to get you through everyday no matter what obstacles or challenges you face.


Hydrate2roll offers the perfect opportunity to maintain adequate daily water intake, which is essential for healthy living. Keeping hydrated is also required to optimise the effect of foam rolling, now you can have the best of both worlds with this one of a kind, sleek, convenient water bottle plus foam roller.


Hydrate2roll water bottles are perfect for young school children to adults of all ages and even elite athletes. Hydrate2roll is a must have for everyone who is serious about feeling well on the go! 






BPA free & FDA approved

Keeps water cool for hours

Washable by hand 




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